The area surrounding and including Hotel du Village was part of a large tract of land granted to the Ely family by William Penn in the seventeenth century. In 1895 Dr. George Morley Marshall of Ohio bought a parcel of the Penn Grant  from Ely descendants to establish a country residence for his family in Bucks County.

Dr. Marshalls’ sister, Caroline Wood, chose the site of our present venue  as a prime location for a country estate, and at the turn of the century she began the construction of White Oaks, close to her brother’s home  across Phillips Mill Road.

Morgan Colt was the architect for the building. Karline Holmquist founded the Holmquist School in 1917 in a converted barn. The success of her school required expansion, so she acquired White Oaks and adjacent Appledore, a converted stable, from Mrs. Wood in 1925.

The restaurant which is now our new ballroom is in White Oaks, formerly the setting for academic and social preparation of young ladies. In 1925 Solebury School was founded as a preparatory school for boys at the present “Upper Campus” on Phillips Mill Road. The two schools merged in 1949 with White Oaks, Appledore and Stone Cottage on River Road constituting the” Lower Campus.”

Solebury School maintained the two campuses until 1976, when Omar and Barbara Arbani purchased the “Lower Campus.” Lodging became available in Appledore during the summer of 1978.

In 2013, Frank and Jeanne Cretella of Landmark Hospitality bought this beautiful historic site in order to make it a premiere destination for events, weddings and visitors of New Hope, PA.